Simple Promise™

The Secret Cholesterol Test Your Doctor Isn’t Giving You

It’s not LDL. It’s not HDL.
And your doctor may not even know about it.

If you were to get your cholesterol tested right now…

Chances are…

Your doctor would look for two things:

Low LDL…

And high HDL.

That’s the “typical” cholesterol test which tends to lead to “typical” treatment.

But there’s a “SECRET cholesterol test” that a lot of people don’t know about.

What This “Secret Test” Reveals… Could Be the REAL Culprit of Heart Disease Today

This culprit is a “third cholesterol” no one is talking about…

Yet... it may be responsible for the plaque inside your arteries!1 2

But why is this test so secret?

And why haven’t you heard about it?

Who knows?

You don’t.

Your doctor doesn’t.

Regardless — When it comes to YOUR heart health…

If it feels like you’re not getting the full story…

That’s because you’re not!

So, for the sake of your health, you MUST read this information.

It will change the way you think about heart disease and it may save your life!

Hi, My Name is Dr. David Mokotoff * * *

I’m a board-certified cardiologist from St. Petersburg, Florida.

I graduated with honors from Case Western Reserve University.

And was trained at Baylor University by the renowned heart surgeon Michael DeBakey (who helped pioneer coronary artery bypass surgery).3

After a career spanning 40-plus years…

I’ve been blessed to spend my days doing what I’m most passionate about…

Helping real men and women, with real lives and real desires to feel their best.

Yes, I’ve also been blessed to personally help many patients...

Over 10,000...

Many of which I saw in the clinic I founded… The Bay Area Heart Center.

Many consider it to be the leading cardiology practice in the area.4

And for good reason…

Me and my fellow doctors care for each patient as an individual.

We take the time to find options that work for their unique situation.

That’s why I’m here to talk to you today.

  • And if you’re concerned about your high numbers…
  • If you want to know the TRUTH about cholesterol…
  • Or if you’ve been talking to your doctor about prescription drugs...

Keep reading, because on this page… you’ll see how cholesterol REALLY works.

And what you MUST do to improve your heart health.

The information I’m about to share with you goes FAR beyond the standard information and advice you’ve likely received before.

So for your own good, read this information now.

Put your phone on silent, get out a pen and paper and get ready to take notes.

Because after reading this, you’ll know the truth...

You’ll Know EXACTLY
Why Sometimes Heart Health Goes South…

How you’re putting yourself at risk of a major cardiac event…

And how — instead — you can finally get control once and for all.

You see, heart health has NOTHING to do with high cholesterol...



Or anything like that.

That’s too simple… and based on outdated science.

There’s actually a deeper reason why heart health goes south…

Why we get high blood pressure, blood clots, plaque and even major cardiac events.

And no…

It has nothing to do with diet, smoking or how much exercise you get either.

What I’m about to share with you is…

One of America’s Greatest Medical Cover-ups of All Time

You’re about to see how medical research has misled us for almost a century and how one man fought for the truth.

It all started with a heart attack suffered by President Eisenhower.

While playing a round of golf, he got an upset stomach, and brushed it off.

But later that night, he started having severe chest pain.5

And after being hooked up to an EKG, it showed…

He was Having a Heart Attack!

In fact, it had been going on for almost 24 hours!

Thankfully, he survived.

Now, because of this incident…

The country became keenly aware of heart disease.

And thanks to Eisenhower’s direct action…

Medical research funding grew from just $4 million in 1955 to over $107 million in 10 years’ time.7

With this new funding, scientists across the country went to work.

It became a race to find something… anything.

Some scientists were even willing to take shortcuts to “prove” their theories.8

And when data started coming back showing that cholesterol might be the problem…

Emphasis on “might”…

We were told that all we needed to do was lower it.

The government created new dietary guidelines that preferred carbs over fat…

And doctors went with the findings too.

After all, if they questioned it, they were thought of as a quack.

Unfortunately for you and me…

We’ve been led to believe this misinformation.

Driven by questionable studies, corporate greed and deceptive marketing.

All pointing to a simple explanation to a “simple” problem:

That cholesterol causes heart disease.

But as I’m about to share with you… it isn’t that simple.

And one person had the guts to challenge it.

In fact, he is quite possibly…

The Most Unsung Medical Hero of the 20th Century

New York Times reported how his work could “prevent 90,000 premature deaths a year”.9

Dr. Michael Jacobson—who coined the term “junk food” 10 —said this scientist was “a lonely voice in the wilderness.” 11

What’s more, he served as an expert witness for several FTC hearings on cholesterol… 12 13

Authored almost 500 peer-reviewed scientific papers…14

Wrote and contributed to several books…

Appeared in health documentaries15 and was named a fellow in several science and medical organizations.

What’s more…

He fought for 60 years to have trans fats banned!16

And, recently… he even sued the FDA to make it happen.

Later, he would say:

“Other scientists were more interested in what the industry was thinking”

BUT, perhaps the most important discovery he made was…

A Truth so Shocking…
It will Change the Way You Think about Heart Disease

Who was this man?

His name… was Dr. Fred Kummerow.

You may not have heard of him before.

But what I’m about to reveal to you will change your life.

Because, you’ve gotta ask yourself…

Why is it that, despite all the medical advances made since Eisenhower’s heart attack…

Heart disease is STILL the number one killer in the United States?17

Why are we suffering from heart attacks and strokes like we did in 1955?!

Well, that’s where Dr. Kummerow’s discovery comes in.

You see, Dr. Kummerow discovered…

Cholesterol May Not
be the Culprit of Heart Disease… It’s Something Else Entirely!

That’s right.

Cholesterol… may not be… the culprit.

In fact, cholesterol is actually good for you. (That includes HDL AND LDL.)

You see, life can’t go on without cholesterol.

It helps our bodies grow new cells…

Produce important hormones, vitamin D18 and — about a quarter of all cholesterol in our bodies is used by the brain!19

It’s that important!

So the problem isn’t about having too much cholesterol…

It’s about having too much of the wrong kind. 20

Again, I’m not talking about HDL or LDL.

The wrong kind of cholesterol is actually…

Another Type…
Called “Rusted” Cholesterol21

And if you’re watching this…

Chances are, your bloodstream is flooded with it.

You see, this is the real scary cholesterol and the one Dr. Kummerow discovered as the link to heart disease.

But what IS “rusted” cholesterol?

It’s when cholesterol goes bad.

Lots of things cause “rusting”…

Like household chemicals, stress, prescription medicine and more.

But why is “rusting” BAD?

Well, when your cholesterol rusts…22 23

It turns into plaque that clogs your arteries.

Your blood pressure goes up24, your heart has to work harder25 and sometimes...

Arteries can rupture, causing an immediate heart attack or blood clots that rush to the brain leading to a stroke.

But here’s the thing…

Any of your cholesterol can rust!

LDL… the “bad” cholesterol rusts more easily.26

But even HDL… the “good” kind can rust too.27

Bottom line is…

It Doesn’t Matter if You have Low Cholesterol or High Cholesterol…

If enough of it “RUSTS”...

Your risk for a heart attack jumps as much as 300%!28 29 30

That’s TRIPLE your chances!

And even if you don’t have a heart attack, you could develop symptoms that make life harder to deal with.

Like increased pain and numbness in your arms.31

Now, if you’re wondering how you can put an end to rusting…

I’ll tell you about it in a few minutes.

But first, I’ve gotta say…

The worst part about all this is, a lot of doctors are completely ignoring this issue.

As Dr. Kummerow himself put it…

“All the physicians in the United States believe cholesterol is the culprit… and [all they do is] they give people a statin.” 32

Now look…

I’m not saying to stop taking your statins.

I don’t know your medical history.

You should talk to your doctor if you choose to do that.

But what you should know is…

Statins Practically Stop Your Body from Making Cholesterol33

Remember… your body actually needs cholesterol.

And without that cholesterol, it’s no wonder people complain of side effects 34 like...

Muscle pain

Liver damage


Or even developing new, unrelated diseases35 like diabetes! 36 37 38

But the worst part is… it does nothing about the REAL problem.

You’ll STILL have “rusted” cholesterol in your bloodstream.

So then, if that’s the case…

What do you do about “rusted” cholesterol?

Well, in order to protect your heart…

You need to follow a SIMPLE two-phase plan.

First, you need to…

“Reboot” Your Cholesterol

That means getting the right balance of cholesterol in your bloodstream.

I’ll explain what that means in a moment.

Second— Going forward, it’s important to…

Protect Your Cholesterol
From “Rusting”


Let me tell you about rebooting your cholesterol first.

What “rebooting” your cholesterol means is… lowering your LDL, and raising your HDL.

Now you’ve probably heard your doctor tell you to do this.

But I want to be clear…

It’s NOT because LDL itself is “bad”…

It’s because when you have a lot of it in your bloodstream, it’s more likely to rust.

That’s why you need more HDL... because HDL helps clear out LDL.

So that’s the first phase.

Remember, this is a two-phase plan.

In the second phase, you take steps to protect your cholesterol from “rusting”.

That means lowering the levels of “rusted” cholesterol already in your bloodstream.

Now, with this two-phase plan…

You can be sure you’re doing everything you can to protect your heart health.

As I’ve said, most doctors only implement the FIRST part of this plan…

By pushing drugs that shut down your cholesterol.

But if you want to implement BOTH phases of this plan and do it naturally…

You need to know about two highly-specialized, natural extracts I’ve discovered.

Each extract goes to work inside your body in different ways and come together for incredible heart health benefits.

Let me tell you about the first extract…

You’ve probably heard of it...

And how it’s a natural alternative for cholesterol control.39 40 41

It’s Called Red Yeast Rice

But red yeast rice is much more than that.

It can also help “reboot” your cholesterol by lowering your LDL… 42 43 44 45
(So less of it has a chance to “rust”).

What’s even MORE exciting is…

Red yeast rice is ALSO shown to positively affect risk factors in people with cardiac issues! 46 47 48 49 50

In one study, doctors themselves took red yeast rice and got good results.51

I mean, just imagine being able to take a natural compound like this.

Letting it do its thing by “rebooting” your cholesterol…

But in a way that’s so powerful, it rivals what’s seen with conventional options52 without the usual pain and side effects!53

But that’s not all red yeast rice can do.

Not by a long shot.

Remember how “rusted” cholesterol, especially “rusted” LDL creates plaque?

Well, red yeast rice is shown to lower “rusted” LDL!54 55 56

But, I have to warn you…

Not All Red Yeast Rice Extracts are the Same

You can’t simply grab it off Amazon or your local health food store...

Because some are shown to be ineffective.57

But in a moment…

I’ll give you three things to look for to be sure you’re getting the right one.

Now, as amazing as red yeast rice is...

Why stop there?

Why not look for the perfect natural heart health solution?

Well, that’s what takes things to a whole new level.

Now, the second extract I discovered has been covered extensively in several scientific studies58 and institutions, like... The Cleveland Clinic59 and The Mayo Clinic.60

It’s Called Bergamot

It’s a small, fragrant citrus fruit found in southern Italy.

Traditionally, it’s been used to improve immunity, treat sore throat and urinary tract infections.61

But what’s really exciting about this extract is…

It’s LOADED with flavonoids62 which are very powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants are what you need to stop your cholesterol from rusting.

There are over 37,000 studies on the effect of antioxidants and heart health.63

What’s more, antioxidants also protect us from…

  • Inflammation 64
  • Diabetes 65
  • And even cancer! 66 67

They’re also shown to improve blood flow.68

But bergamot isn’t just an antioxidant…

It’s a special type called… bioflavonoids.

Bioflavonoids work faster than normal antioxidants and your body absorbs more of it, too.69

What all this means is…

Protecting your cholesterol from “rusting” is easy.

Not only that, when it comes to gaining control over your heart health…

Bergamot BOOSTS The
Effectiveness Of Red Yeast Rice!70

Stops plaque build-up... 71

Keeps LDL from rusting... 72 73

Opens up arteries for blood flow. 74 75

Because just like red yeast rice, bergamot not only “reboots” your cholesterol… it also protects it from “rusting”.

Just look at these numbers!

What’s more — In one study, LDL improved MORE in people with higher cholesterol! 81

That means, if your numbers are very high…

This extract works even better!

And in just a few minutes...

I’ll tell you about a proprietary, clinically-tested, standardized form of bergamot82 that you can infuse into your cells.

Now, with all the evidence and test results I’ve shown you…

You might be wondering if simply going out and finding these extracts on your own is the answer.

It isn’t, and here’s why…

If you’re going to use either of these to help win back control over your heart health…

They need to pass strict quality control measures.

Otherwise — You simply won’t get the kind of results I’ve shared with you today.

There are Three Things
You Want to Look For

Starting from —

Number 3:

You want to see independent tests that prove what you’re taking has the right amounts of each extract.

This means you’re getting the same dose that produced the amazing results in the clinical studies.

A good dose is about 2400 mg for red yeast rice and 400 mg of bergamot.

Number 2:

The manufacturer should follow Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

This ensures these extracts are pure.

Put simply, if the manufacturer can’t show this certification…

Walk away as fast as you can.

Number 1:

Make sure clinical trials have been conducted on the SPECIFIC extracts you’re taking… like the clinical trials I mentioned.

Because frankly, they’re not all made the same way.

Now, doing all of this homework is expensive... it takes time.

And frankly…

There are No Shortcuts
to Achieve These Results

How do I know?

Well, for the last 5 years, I’ve been working with an incredible natural health company called Simple Promise™.

They’re a supplement company with the highest integrity.

Most companies refuse to jump through the hoops I just mentioned...

And simply REFUSE to pay for rigorous third-party testing which leaves most people without a safe, effective solution for their heart health…

But not Simple Promise™.

That’s why I worked closely with them to develop…

Red Yeast Rice Plus

A heart health supplement using the highest grade of red yeast rice and bergamot.

It’s “plus” because it not only “reboots” your cholesterol…

It also helps protect your cholesterol from “rusting”.

So when you use red yeast rice and bergamot together…

Poor heart health doesn’t stand a chance.

Because the special ingredients in Red Yeast Rice Plus™ have been proven to…

  • Slash LDL levels by 20% 83
  • Lower “rusted” cholesterol by as much as 25%84 85
  • Reduce the risk of a cardiac
    event by as much as 38%86
  • Boost good HDL cholesterol87 88 89

Not only that…

You may find your blood pressure dropping down to a healthy range90

All while avoiding nasty side effects and “statin damage”!91

In short, stress about your next blood test simply fades away.

Why do I feel so confident about that?

Because Simple Promise guarantees Red Yeast Rice Plus has…

  • The same dosage as in the studies that have produced these remarkable results
  • Been formulated and inspected in a 100% CGMP facility
  • And is third-party verified for potency

Now, let me ask you something…

What Is it Worth to
Protect Your Loved Ones?

To be there for them.

To tell them you love them.

How much would you pay to not burden your family?

See, heart problems take away the most precious thing of all…

The precious moments with those you love.

I want to help put your mind — and heart — at ease.

Because, here at Simple Promise™…

We don’t rely on sky-high prices like hospitals and the medical establishment.

Where the average bypass surgery is almost $120,000…92 93

A cardiac stent is over $40,000...94

Or, where you’re chained to pills costing hundreds of dollars a month.

Point is…

Heart disease is expensive.

And even if I charged $150, $200 or even $500…

Red Yeast Rice Plus Would Still Save You Money in the Long Run.

Heck, plenty of doctors bill that amount just to talk to you. 95

But you’re going to be paying far, far less than that today.

Look, I want you to avoid the tragic consequences of “rusted” cholesterol…

I want you to experience a healthier, happier, and more energy-filled life.

And so I had originally planned to make Red Yeast Rice Plus™ available for only $89.


This is a new product and I’m looking to have more people try it so I can share their inspiring stories.

That way I can better spread the word about the remarkable effects of Red Yeast Rice Plus™.

Look — I’m a doctor.

I’m here to save lives.

I’m here to give people better options than drugs or surgery.

So if you try Red Yeast Rice Plus™ today…

You can “reboot” your cholesterol, and protect it from “rusting” 100% risk-free for only $49.

That’s 45% off!

Now, below you should see an option to place your order today.

Simply put in your payment details and my team here at Simple Promise™ will get your order shipped out immediately.

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Now, considering all the heart health benefits of this unique formulation…

Securing the future of your health…

Knowing you’re doing everything you can naturally...

And the fact that Red Yeast Rice Plus™ comes out to just over a dollar a day…

It’s a no-brainer.

What’s more…

I’m Going to Make this an
Even Better Deal for You

Because you’re here right now, reading this information…

That tells me you’re serious about your heart health.

That’s why I’m giving you an additional $30 discount when you upgrade your order to 3 bottles for just $117.

Now — If you want to make sure you always have these amazing extracts on hand so you won’t ever be caught off guard…

Then you can secure a massive $100 discount when you order 6 bottles.

It’s like getting 2 bottles free!

And to help make this even more of a no-brainer for you…

I’ve decided that, no matter what the price goes up to in the future, you’ll only have to pay this same price for ANY future order.

Once you place your order, you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

Once you fill in your information, your order will be shipped immediately.

Now here’s the important thing…

My mission isn’t just to get your cholesterol in alignment in the near term.


I want you to reboot your LDL, your HDL…

Protect your cholesterol from “rusting” and keep it that way!

So you can enjoy a happy, healthy life for years to come.

That’s why I’m extending to you…

The 365-Day Heart
Health Challenge

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

At Simple Promise™, we are so sure of the effectiveness of our product that we are willing to put the entire risk on us. Our industry best 365 Days Money Back Guarantee states that either you’re 100% satisfied, or your money back. You can place your order safely knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Give Red Yeast Rice Plus™ a try and see the difference it brings to your life. If at any time you are not happy with Red Yeast Rice Plus™, just send back your empty bottles and we will refund you immediately. No questions asked. We pride ourselves in our product and service and want you to be absolutely satisfied.

You have one full year to put Red Yeast Rice Plus™ to the test.

All you have to do is…

Click the “Add to cart” Button Below.

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When your order arrives…

Start taking Red Yeast Rice Plus™ every day.

Over the coming days and weeks, you’ll be amazed when you experience what these two extracts do for you.

And when you go for your next cholesterol test…

Your Doctor will be Stunned to See Your New Cholesterol Levels

He may even ask what diet and exercise changes you’ve made…

But you’ll know the secret.

Now, if for any reason you’re not totally satisfied with Red Yeast Rice Plus™...

Simply let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

And you don’t just have 30 days to try this out.

Or 60 days.

You have an entire year.

I know that sounds too good to be true…

But the truth is…

Here at Simple Promise™, we stand behind our products.

And we know they work.

So click the “Add to cart” button below to order your Red Yeast Rice Plus™.

However, I have to warn you…

As more and more people learn about all the heart health benefits of Red Yeast Rice Plus™…

We’ll have to contend with mountains of orders, which means…

You need to order before we run out of stock.

We may not even have any by the time you’re reading this page.

Below, you’ll either see three options to choose from to order Red Yeast Rice Plus™…

Or you’ll see a form to join the waitlist.

If you see the waitlist, that means we’ve run out.

So right now, if you have the ability to order…

You have two options.

You Choose Your Destiny

Option 1: You can do nothing at all

You can go on living the way you have.

Plaque building up in your arteries, without you even knowing it. Heart disease creeping right around the corner.

Resigning yourself to living with horrible side effects of cholesterol meds…

Possibly even risking a heart attack or stroke.

Maybe worse.


Option 2: Try Red Yeast Rice Plus™ without risk.

Try it for at least a couple weeks.

The instructions are on the bottle and they’re easy to follow.

Experience the power of these two specialized extracts working together…

Working to boost your heart health.

Working to rid you of something you’ve felt cursed and controlled by for too long.

Look — I want to help you get control over your heart health the natural way…

Without dangerous drugs or risky surgeries.

Because the truth is…

You’re Unlikely to Hear About this Heart Health Breakthrough from Your Doctor

If your doctor sees that you have “high cholesterol”…

They’re most likely going to do one of two things.

Number one…

They’ll shame you with generic advice like:

“Eat a lo-fat, low-cholesterol diet”, “Avoid stress” or “exercise more”.

Or number two…

They’ll whip out their prescription pad and load you up on statins.

Statins that have horrible and sometimes permanent side effects… 96

And that you’ll probably have to be on for the rest of your life.

You know…

It ticks me off that doctors think there’s one “treatment” that’ll work for everyone.

There isn’t.

You Need Alternatives

You need a complete, two-phase plan…

A plan designed to address the REAL underlying cause of plaque… heart attacks and strokes.

This is why I’m so excited to share Red Yeast Rice Plus™ with you today.

So you can finally have safe, easy, and natural solutions for protecting your heart.

Don’t let your well-meaning doctor lead you down an ineffective, not to mention dangerous path…

Just because he or she doesn’t know about natural alternatives.

All you have to do is…

Click the “Add to cart” button below and secure your order of Red Yeast Rice Plus™ 100% risk-free today.

Choose the option below that you feel most comfortable starting with.

That is… If it’s still available.

If not, sign up to get on the priority waiting list and we’ll let you know as soon as your order ships.

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Now, once you start using Red Yeast Rice Plus™…

You’ll probably notice it working very soon.

Most people do.

You’ll notice that you feel more at ease about your cholesterol numbers.

And as you go about your day, you’re not measuring out food to the nearest gram…

Wondering if you should eat this or eat that.

You just get to…

Live the Way You Want to

And when you decide to get out and about…

You may notice a short walk takes less effort.

A week later, you might even notice a bounce in your step…

Like you could go JOGGING.

Your blood pressure starts evening out97 and when you go for your next blood test…

You’ll be shocked by your new numbers!

There’s this new sense of confidence...

A sense of control… control over your own body.

You’re winning the war over America’s #1 killer.

For some, this might take a day or two longer.

For others, it might take a week.

However, one day… It WILL happen.

I call it…

Your “Moment of Freedom”

Where you feel that you’re in the driver’s seat for the first time.

Where you’re in control of your cholesterol.

Where you can “reboot” your cholesterol and protect it from “rusting”.

Where you can get control over the invisible threat that, until now…

Has been stopping you from living life fully…

From feeling confident about your health…

So you can be there for those who mean the most in your life…

Your spouse… your children… your grandchildren… your friends.

Until this moment, a part of you was held hostage by lack of information…

Blocking your ability to know exactly what was going on in your heart and arteries and denying you the happiness and fulfillment you deserve.

When the “Moment Of Freedom” comes for you…

All that frustration will be over.

This is what I want for you.

I want you to get your “Moment Of Freedom” as soon as possible.

So Go Ahead, Place Your Order

Choose the option that best suits you below.

Again, you have nothing whatsoever to risk.

In fact… I’m taking all the risk.

You can take an entire year to try this out…

Even if you use an entire bottle, and send it back, I’ll still process your full refund.

No questions asked.

No need to feel bad or awkward.

Just let us know, and the money will be refunded to you right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, you’re still here…

That means you probably have questions.

So let me take a moment to answer some of the common questions we receive…


Here’s the thing…

While other manufacturers take shortcuts, and don’t disclose the amounts of each active ingredient…

We go to great lengths to source the two extracts found in Red Yeast Rice Plus™.

Our manufacturing process follows Current Good Manufacturing Practices, and are confirmed by independent, third-party tests.

This means you’re getting the same dose that produced the amazing results I’ve shared with you today.


I know this guarantee sounds a little too good to be true…

Especially since many people see results in a matter of weeks…

But my mission is to support LONG-TERM healing.

That means not just helping you get your cholesterol in alignment…

But helping you stop your cholesterol from “rusting” and keep it that way!

That’s why I’m giving a whole year to try out Red Yeast Rice Plus™ risk-free.

So you can experience for yourself how this natural approach can create healthy cholesterol for months and years to come.


See, this natural alternative is backed by peer-reviewed medical research.

And thousands of men and women have used these extracts to finally break the shackles of their prescription drugs.


As confident as I am that this will work for you… I am not your doctor.

I don't know your full medical history.

So I cannot tell you whether you should cut your meds or not.

Here's what I suggest…

Grab a bottle of Red Yeast Rice Plus™ today.

Talk to your doctor about dealing with your cholesterol naturally without statins.


As your cholesterol starts to reboot and the oxidation process begins to slow…

You and your doctor can see about continuing with statins.


Keeping your private information safe is something we take very seriously.

We perform regular security audits and your order information is secured using SSL 256-bit encryption. (That’s the same technology banks use.)

This is a great question.

Because although high cholesterol is a serious danger to some…

Mayo Clinic warns that when cholesterol gets too low…

It can even lead to anxiety and depression. 98

That’s why the two highly-specialized extracts in Red Yeast Rice Plus are formulated to reboot your cholesterol naturally.

They work with your body to keep your cholesterol in the optimal range like it’s supposed to.


If you’re currently taking cholesterol medication…

The pills will continue to suppress your cholesterol no matter how low it gets.

So I advise you to keep a close watch on your numbers.

And then you can talk to your doctor about scaling back your drugs as appropriate.

Look, the risks of unhealthy cholesterol are very real.

So your doctor is absolutely right that you should take drastic action to get your numbers in alignment.

The real question then is HOW to do that.

Now, even though I am a cardiologist… I do not know your personal medical history or situation.

And without having you sit down in my office for a consultation… I cannot (and will not) give direct prescriptions for treating your cholesterol problem.

What I can do though is this… I can empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

That’s why Red Yeast Rice Plus™ is backed by peer-reviewed studies…

Studies where people saw real, meaningful results.

But please don’t take my word for it.

Secure your order of Red Yeast Rice Plus™ by clicking the button below and judge for yourself whether it works or not.

It’s definitely possible.

Red Yeast Rice Plus™ is designed to support your arteries holistically.

That means, not only could your cholesterol come into a healthy range…

You may also see inflammation ease… 99 100 101

Your arteries become more flexible and able to open up102 and blood flows much more easily. 93

What’s more…

Many studies report that red yeast rice can also help with lowering blood pressure.104

Sure! It IS pretty interesting, isn’t it?

As I said earlier, Dr. Kummerow fought against trans fats for 60 years…

Even suing the FDA to make sure it happened. 105

Can you believe that it took THAT long for the government to finally see how bad trans fats were?

The simple truth is…

Dr. Kummerow HAD to do this.

He was trying to save lives.106

See, Kummerow identified the connection between trans fats and heart disease and published his findings in 1957. 107

But, not only were his findings criticized…

Dr. Kummerow was outright ostracized.

And the reason it took 60 years for trans fats to be banned was because the FDA simply ignored him.

That is, until he was forced to sue for our health!

Finally... trans fats were banned in 2015. 108

It makes you wonder about other health issues, and scientists, that are being ignored, doesn’t it?

After all, the “common wisdom” around cholesterol has gone unchallenged for decades as well.

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